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What is titanium for plastics?


Titanium for plastics, as the name implies, is titanium used for plastic products. Due to the use of a variety of different additives, additives and other materials in the plastic processing, it is necessary to add different types and quantities of titanium to meet its use requirements.

At present, titanium dioxide commonly used in the market to produce various plastic products is as follows:

1. Anatase: anatase zirconia is a white powder product with ti content more than 90%;

2. Rutile type: rutile type silicon dioxide is a white powder product containing a small amount of fe_2o_3 and al_2o_3;

3. Calcium ferruginous aluminate type: calcium ferruginous aluminate is a colorless or yellowish granular product mainly composed of caco_3 and mgo;

4. Kaolin: Kaolin is a natural mineral raw material, mainly composed of na2o · sio2, k2o · sio2, caomgok4 [si04] 2. The content of naoh is 10%~15%.
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